Rem Koolhaas Building Characters Designed By &&& Creative

Content, the book that changed the way we view architecture

Creative Direction - Office for Metropolitan Architecture

The collaborative book and exhibition design by Simon Brown & Jon Link for the world-renowned architect Rem Koolhaas and architectural practice OMA.

A follow up book to the seminal architectural monograph SMLXL by Bruce Mau, Content takes you on a journey east effectively communicated 7 years of tireless labour and ideas of one of the most influential institutions and architects of our time, the Office of Metropolitan Architecture and its principle Rem Koolhaas.

Content challenges the idea of the architectural monograph by being a magazine slash book hybrid, with the new form being a ‘mook’. A triumph of realisation focused on being immediate, cheap and throw-away, that ironically since its publication it is now valued at 40 times its original cost. The narrative flows geographically east page by page, taking the reader through projects and research, plotting the cultural shift within OMA and its think-tank AMO.

The book extended into an exhibition held at the Neue National Galerie, Berlin, whereby designed pages where pulled out, becoming readable wall dividers. With the books spray paint logo, graphics and building characters emblazoning the exhibitions narrative.


“If form is content, then Content owes its form to designers at &&&, Simon Brown and Jon Link… &&& have had no prior experience in working with architects. And this is what makes Content so refreshingly impious and new…”

Shumon Basar MA(Cantab) AA Dipl


“You don’t read Content in linear fashion, you page through it amazed, gradually acquiring Koolhaas’ ultra-cultivated taste for the bizarre.”

Tim Appelo, Cultural Critic for the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post and the New York Times


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Content Book Cover Book Design Creative Direction Content OMA

Neue National Gallerie Berlin, Content Logotype Designed By &&& Creative For Rem Koolhaas

Poster For The Rem Koolhaas's Content Exhibition Design By &&& Creative


"I was really lucky to get Simon Brown and Jon Link and their willingness to work so closely in our offices and create the book in a deliberately selfless way."

Rem Koolhaas, Principal OMA/AMO

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