DVD Title Sequence For The Serpentine Galleries Designed By &&& Creative

An experimental DVD title sequence that became a piece of art

Creative Direction - Serpentine Galleries

Our hand-made DVD title sequence, conceived as an experiment, reiterating the nature of the Serpentine Galleries Experiment Marathon Event, held in the pavilion designed by Olafur Eliasson and Kjetil Thorsen.

Following on from the success of 24hr Interview Marathon, the Serpentine Galleries Co-Director Hans Ulrich Obrist and artist Olafur Eliasson invited more than 100 leading artists, architects, filmmakers, academics and scientists to expand on the notion of experimentation for their 24-Hour Experiment Marathon, held in the pavilion designed by Olafur Eliasson and Kjetil Thorsen.

The crowds were standing-room-only and the action never stopped; 40 screenings, performances, lectures and experimental films made up this genre-bending blend of science and art. Filmed and documented in a later released DVD that required a title sequence that encapsulated the experimental nature of the exhibition.

In fitting with the exhibition the title sequence was a chromo-graphic experiment. Started from a single page of hand-drawn typography that bleeds through a stack of 500 sheets of paper, on its journey separating the ink into its constituent colours. Realised as two separate title sequences; a contextual sequence showing the making of and a frame-by-frame view of the typography bleeding through each sheet.

The 500 sheets of paper became its own piece of art, becoming part of the travelling exhibition and book, first stop Reykjavik Museum of Art.


&&& Creative: Contextual Serpentine Gallery Experiment Marathon

Scans Of The Individual Pages From Title Sequence For The Serpentine Galleries Designed By &&& Creative

&&& Creative: DVD Title Sequence Serpentine Gallery Experiment Marathon


"Working with &&& Creative is always a pleasure due to their expertise and experience. They combine cutting-edge experimental design with an understanding of the mainstream and they have delivered outstanding work that has perfectly reflected the Galleries programme. We wish them every future success."

Julia Peyton-Jones and Hans Ulrich Obrist, Directors, Serpentine Gallery

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