Google luck England, Rooney’s head over Africa

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To celebrate the 2010 world cup &&& Creative have prepared this Google map for England football fans to document the coming weeks.

Google Maps: World Cup 2010: England’s Journey: Rooney’s Head over Africa T-Shirt

Add your map data from a KML, KMZ, or GeoRSS feed.  Add your location, add your business, add where you were when you watched the match or just wish the team good luck in your own way. From all at &&& Creative and those that contributed bring it home.

Email to add your Google map, we will send back a personalised link.

Buy Rooney’s Head over Africa T-Shirt through Sabotage Times.

Rooney's Head over Africa

What people thought

  • “Brilliant that is” Tony Chambers, Creative Director, Wallpaper Magazine
  • “This is WHAT WE WANT” Jeremy Leslie, Creative Director, MagCulture

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