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Sun Dot Poster

Charity Poster for Japan

Special Deal!

Get a poster now
& get a free origami Owl!

There are only 25 posters left and the aim is to find homes for them all.

All owls in the images above are handfolded from a single square piece of french Tant paper. They are about 15cm tall and will fit into the 7.5cm cardboard tube the poster is send in.

I have the colours shown in the images above. If you would like a particular colour, please let me know either through the message field on the Paypal page or send me an email to kabeforjapan@gmail.com

The owls are folded after the instructions of Tadashi Mori (see here) but with modifications. The original owl design is by Hideo Komatsu.

The earthquake in Japan on the 11th of March has shocked to the core. It shows how fragile and limited our powers are.

Although on the surface it looks like Japan is recovering more quickly then seems possible, there are still so many people who lost everything. Let's help them.

I have close connections to Japan and wanted to do something more than just giving money. Together with some friends from the UK and Japan and I came up with the poster above.

The poster is now on sale for a minimum of £ 20 (about $ 32 / Euro 22).

It is my intend to give the proceeds from the sale of these posters to charity.

NOTE: For more details please read the disclaimer on the right.

The design was made by wetting a sheet of thick paper and then adding one drop of red ink into the center. The ink spreads really fast, then slows down but keeps on spreading for some time.
We thought that the water and the ink's movement in it was a fitting metaphor.

The Poster is printed with set colour Pantone Black and Pantone Red 32 on Munken pure white 170 gsm fine art paper. The size is B2 (500mm x 707mm / 19.7" x 27.8"). All posters are stamped, hand numbered and signed.

Please click here or on the images above for a larger view.



Thanks to all who have given money and promoted this project so far. We send out posters to generous people in UK, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, Czech Republic, Japan, USA, South Korea, Singapore and Mexico.
It is amazing how much sympathy there is for Japan and we hope that with your help we can do a little more. Even if you do not want to have a poster yourself please promote it and pass on a link to this website. We do want all 100 posters to go.

Below are a few examples of people who promoted the poster.


The poster is currently on show in the Tapped & Packed coffee shop in 26 Rathbone Place, London W1T 1JD as part of Yu Sato's exhibition. Thanks to him for taking us in.


We got invited to take part in an The Mill Project Arts and Crafts Fair on Sunday 1st May. If you 're in London at that time come and meet us. For more details have a look here


We got also invited to be part of the Animators VS Earthquakes exhibition in the CafeAnd in 77 Redchurch Street, London E2 7DJ. This is from the 06-20 May.

A number of websites and blogs gave their support and posted the poster. We'd like to thank them too. Please have a look:

Sabotage Times - Independent reportage and stories concerning the state of now.

Flying Förtress - Painter extraordinär and fellow 243 Support buddy.

Slanted - If you like typography you will love this.

Also we asked the people who received the poster to send images of what they did with the it, have a look below. We will update these as they come in.


How to get the poster


Shipping: We will send the poster rolled in a cardboard tube on the next working day via UK Royal Mail First Class. In the UK delivery will usually take 2-3 working days, to Europe 4-5 days, longer for the rest of the world.



This website and the poster offered here are a personal project of Lucas S. Krull. I am not associated with the British Red Cross in any way other than by giving money through their public online form on this web page: British Red Cross Tsunami Appeal It is my sincere intent to give all the proceeds from selling the posters offered here through the above webform. I wil do so out of my own free will.


When I first started selling these posters through this website I used a Paypal "Donate" button and stated that I would give all donations to the British Red Cross (BRC) Tsunami Appeal. Paypal then "limited" my account to the effect that I could receive money, but not take it out anymore. They demanded a "letter of subordination" from the BRC. I contacted the BRC and they where kind enough to supply me with a letter stating that they recognize my intent. I have added this letter below as well as the receipt of my first donation to them. Paypal has now returned my account to normal and I hope that they let me sell the posters.

I did try Google Checkout as well, but they where even quicker, and said that I could not use their service in the way I wanted if I was not a registered U.S. charity.

That is why I have now re-written the text on this website and added the Disclaimer above.
It is not easy to do good...

Any questions? Contact me: kabeforjapan@gmail.com

Below is the acknowledgement letter from the British Red Cross and the receipt for the first donation I made.

British Red Cross Tsunami Appeal Receipt British Red Cross Tsunami Appeal Receipt

Inspiration & Thanks

The inspiration for the technique of ink on wet paper came from an advert for the World Water Day which can be seen here.
Credit is due as well to all the other poster creators that where much quicker than us and did some incredible work. Some examples can be found here.

Thanks go to Takashi Arai for the fonts, Tomoko Suwa-Krull and Mr. Yu for advice and &&& Creative for time and hosting.

Massive thanks to the Calverts print and design cooperative for printing the posters and providing the paper.

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