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Facebook has killed your designer

Thursday 27th August 2015, the inspirational Rob Boynes, Creative Director, debates the rise of social network superstructures are damaging the work of a designer. Suggesting there is a need for a post-modernist design language for web and app that focuses on the human.

How to have a digital hit

Thursday 24th September 2015, If any one can tell us how to have a digital hit it's got to be Jay Pond-Jones. The creative director who created the original FCUK campaign, brought us the award-winning ads for John Smiths with Jack Dee and recently set comedy central alive with KSI Demolished.

Beyond WordPress Search

Thursday 29th October 2015, Tech heads are the new cool, non more so than Jure Cuhalev who will be sharing how to build sophisticated search that will improve visitor engagement on your website.

Work, Coffee, Work

Friday 31st July 2015, Architect / Coffee Shop Founder Mark Sciberras shares his insight into Life In 'The Common’ his innovative office-work-public space.

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